Premium Chucky Mickey Slashing is my fastpass shirt

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Let me preface this post by saying that I used to love your product I used your company s product since the birth of my second child a Premium Chucky Mickey Slashing is my fastpass shirt year ago and I never had any issues up until now the product I used was the postnatal lactation plus supplement like clockwork I would go to my local target and purchase it monthly and at 30 00 a bottle this item isn t cheap but it s a small price to pay for reassurance which brings me to my current situation a week ago I purchased a bottle from target after opening I pulled out the cotton ball and notice a plume of dust came flying out that was when I noticed that a few pills had come apart leaving the contents loose in the bottle I went to target to attempt to return the product and was told by a rude employee that since it is a supplement and it is open I would not be able to return the product which leads me to the moment I chose to call the company s customer service number before I get into it I d like to ask why even have a phone number if you have no intentions of answering the calls look around at your community page and you will find that I am not the only one having to wait upwards of an hour to get a hold of a customer service rep I waited for over half an hour and eventually opted to chat with a rep instead even then I waited 45 minutes in a queue to get someone when I finally did I let my rep nikki know my issue with the quality of your product instead of asking for lot she immediately asked me why I had not returned the item to target we went back and forth as to why I didn t she even went as far as to contact target in the end there was no peace of mind and no compensation for wasting my time gas and money by the honest company the instead kept on insisting I needed to go back to target for the third time to return my product there in the end I will do as I promised the manager I had the displeasure of speaking with I will let everyone know to stay far away from your product because the company does not treat their customers with the integrity and respect that they deserve especially since they pour countless of hard earned dollars to your products. I used to teach children to dream big now I get to teach their moms how to accomplish their dreams says former preschool teacher and representative carla lytle in the latest episode of our avonmakeithappen podcast click to listen to the episode. What is wrong with your company lately I received a notice that my bundle was shipping soon at 7 17 am this morning I went into edit it at 7 30 pm to find it had already shipped this is the 3rd order in as many months that has had some type of problem you xan t get through to anyone on the phone for help or support if this the way you continue to treat your customers then count me out please cancel my order and discontinue my membership hepu 2h62zsj262 Official Premium Chucky Mickey Slashing is my fastpass shirt

Premium Chucky Mickey Slashing is my fastpass shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Premium Chucky Mickey Slashing is my fastpass shirt 4 - Premium Chucky Mickey Slashing is my fastpass shirt

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